Development of Halakha

Teacher: Michael Hattin

Level: Intermediate/ Advanced

Description: Philosophy and Development of Halakha

The Halakha is a self-contained system that operates according to its own assumptions and principles.  While many of us may be familiar with various (often disconnected) expressions of practical Halakha, few of us have considered how the system works as an organic whole.

We will consider the origins and development of the Halakha as we attempt to acquire an “insider’s perspective” – not how the Halakha is viewed from the outside, but rather how it views itself.  Along the way, we will discuss significant moments in the development of the Halakha and meet some of the most important contributors to Halakhic discourse during a continuum that stretches from our earliest history as a people until the present day.

A sourcebook will be provided and many (but not all) sources will be in Hebrew.