Jewish Social Justice Track

Teacher: Meesh Hammer-Kossoy

Level: Open to All

Description: We all want to build a better world, but how should that world look? How should we get there?

This class is open to all levels. All sources will be provided in both Hebrew and English. Because one of our major goals is to see how Jewish values are being translated into social issues in Israel today, students enrolling in this course are also committing to attend supplementary lectures and field trips, as described below.

What we hope to achieve:
• To define a Jewish Vision(s) of Social Justice through Jewish text.
• To give current and future activists the tools to use Jewish text to inform and inspire their work.
• To learn about the state of the field and the specific challenges in the State of Israel with the help of supplemental guest lectures and field visits.

What we will do to get there:
• A close study of Jewish texts, primarily Talmud and codes, around issues of the environment, economic justice, democracy, treatment of minority groups within and outside the Jewish community in Israel.
• Supplementary lectures by experts in the field, in both governmental and non-profit sectors. Most of these lectures will be during lunch before the class or on Tuesday during “Critical Issues.”
• Field trips: many will be on Sunday or Tuesday afternoons (during, before and after class), with a few at other times.
• Students are strongly encouraged to take a leadership role in the community service component of the Pardes program.
• The service component of the Pardes program (Thursday afternoon volunteering) is mandatory.