Siddur – Theory and Practice

Teacher: Zvi Hirschfield

Level: Open to All

Description: The Siddur is arguably the Jewish people’s greatest literary creation. In it are contained not only familiar prayers but a record of our people’s history, culture and linguistic development over the course of more than three millennia. The siddur is of course also the repository of our people’s unquenchable yearnings for a better world.

This course will consider the content of the siddur as expressed in Shacharit or the morning service – the longest of the daily prayers. We will follow the course of this prayer as we consider its discrete elements, their structure, historical context and deeper meaning. Along the way, we will discuss how parts of the classic liturgy have been adapted, amended or rejected with the rise of denominationalism. Devotees of all (or no) denominations – with their respective siddurim – are welcome.

  • Yoni Shear

    Pardes Center for Jewish Educators '09-'11