Judaism and Conflict Resolution

Teacher: Daniel Roth

Level: All

Description: The Track seeks to challenge and inspire participants into being knowledgeable and active rodfei shalom (Jewish pursuers of peace) between individuals, families, communities and nations. We will attempt to do this through the study of classic Jewish rabbinic texts, conflict resolution theories, newspapers articles, group discussions, guest speakers and field trips. Track topics include “The Identity and Methods of the Rodef Shalom;” “Forgiveness and Its Limits;” “Narrative Mediation and Reconciling Israelite-Amalekite Narratives;” “Ethical Dilemmas of War and Peace in Judaism and Israel.” In addition to participating in the bi-weekly second semester classes, participants will be required to attend occasional guest speaker lectures (Tuesdays, 11:45-1), a class trip, at least two “peace and conflict” activities outside of class time and to occasionally share and post comments on processing questions.

The Track is open to students of all levels and backgrounds and is one of the
programs of the Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution.