Night Seder (Seder Erev)

Teacher: Michael Hattin

Level: Open to All

Description: Seder Erev provides a unique opportunity for students to use the resources of the Beit Midrash at their own pace, outside the regular hours, in a relaxed atmosphere. Students can take advantage of this once-a-week opportunity to investigate a particular area of interest, strive over the year to complete a sefer, or review material studied during the regular program. This is a sterling opportunity to fulfill the Divine precept of Talmud Torah during the quiet hours.

Seder Erev will also provide an opportunity for first year students to study with more advanced students including Fellows and PEP. This is also a chance for people on different levels with common interests to study together. Pardes faculty will be on hand to provide guidance and to answer questions.

  • Meira Cohen

    Spring Semester '14, Fellows Program '14-'15