Humash / Tanach

Teacher: Tovah Leah Nachmani

Level: Introductory


EXODUS: How was Pharaoh’s final solution derailed by foreign and feminine heroism? What are some messages of a burning bush not consumed? Why was Moses, a foreigner to the Israelites, chosen to lead the Jewish people? What were his greatest fears and how did he develop as a leader? For whom were the plagues and what messages did they convey? How are the stories of the Exodus relevant to our post-modern lives?

Through guided text study, and a close reading of the Exodus text in Hebrew, with traditional and modern commentaries, students will discover a variety of answers and even more questions.

HEBREW: Daily Hebrew instruction and home study assignments empower the students to greatly increase their Hebrew vocabulary, improve their reading and writing Hebrew as well as their ability to translate Hebrew texts, songs and prayers.

BOOKS of JONAH, ESTHER, RUTH: In their appropriate seasons -before the holidays of Rosh Hashana, Purim, and Shavuot – students will study highlights from these books, exploring their historic contexts, and focusing on key issues of moral struggle and free choice.