Teacher: Levi Cooper

Level: Open to All


Hasidut – or Chassidus – is a movement that continues to provide inspiration, fascination, and at times revulsion.

In this course we will walk the spiritual path of Hasidut, meeting central personalities, becoming familiar with key ideas, and developing an appreciation for the historical and social evolution of a movement that has given so much to Judaism, and promises to continue playing a significant role in the Jewish world.

Approximately half the classes will be dedicated to passages found in a foundational hasidic text. In the other classes we will learn about the history, thought, and development of the movement. Hasidic songs – niggunim – will also be introduced, discussed, explored, and sung. Sections of the course will be dedicated to contemporary Hasidic phenomena. Each week, participants will be assigned tasks – “spiritual homework” – connected to the passages discussed. The spiritual homework will be completed outside class and then discussed in havruta at the beginning of the next class.

Text: Derekh Pikudekha (to be purchased or downloaded; editions in “Rashi” script can be downloaded from hebrewbooks.org).

Sources will be read in Hebrew from the original text and translated.

Hebrew is not a prerequisite; flexibility, openness, commitment to the class space, aims, atmosphere, and vibe are requirements.

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