Hasidic Meditation

Hasidic Meditation

Teacher: Mira Niculescu

Level: Open to all

Kalonymus_Kalman_ShapiraDescription: How to live a more peaceful, mindful and meaningful life? For the Piezcesner rebbe, the late rabbi of the Warsaw Ghetto, it is all about becoming clearer within. This is why in the early 20th century, he taught “Ynian Hashkata”, “the subject of quieting”. In this Hasidic meditation class, we will read and implement together his teaching, going from silence to an inner conversation with God, and concluding with a niggun, a melody.

Details: Each session is comprised of meditation instruction, guided and silent meditation. Class is by donation. Whether you are a newbie our an experienced sitter, this is an ideal way to cultivate your practice, treat yourself with quiet time and build a beautiful spiritual community at Pardes.

Contact: Mira Niculescu https://www.neshama-community.org/