Greatest Sugiyot of the Talmud

Faculty: Nechama Goldman Barash

Level: Open to All

Description: This class will examine a wide range of some of the most famous sections in the Talmud in order to appreciate the literary depth and structure that makes up the different sub-units (sugiyot) of Talmudic discourse. Rabbinic stories and halakhic analysis intertwine to make up a fascinating and very influential dialogue that has relevance for us today in matters of practice, belief and interpersonal relationships. Students will learn to listen to the voices in the Beit Midrash of the Sages and join their own to an ongoing 2000-year-old conversation. We will examine the sugyot (topics) with an eye to building a solid Talmudic foundation for future study. In addition to focusing on fine-tuning skills, such as Talmudic terminology and methodology, we will also explore the conceptual framework of each and every topic and, in some cases, the practical legal ramifications as well. There will be a source booklet that everyone will be required to purchase.