Humash: Shemot/Exodus

Faculty: Howard Markose

Level: Advanced


This course is designed to bring to the advanced student a greater understanding and appreciation for the text that is called Shemot (Exodus). Students will gain insight into the nature of the book and its many characters, taking into consideration the book’s literary, historical, archeological and linguistic nuances, using various means and sources. Medieval commentaries will be studied along with modern parshanim, and relevant ancient Near Eastern literature will also be introduced.

Students should be capable of reading the text with some level of fluency, and be able to translate in a manner which reflects a basic understanding of Biblical Hebrew Grammar. No previous background in Shemot is required, although it can certainly work to the student’s advantage to already have studied this book of the Tanach.

Students are to bring to class both Shemot Torat Hayim (Rav Kook Publishers) and a Hebrew/English Tanach (New JPS or The Jerusalem Bible are the preferred editions, but others are certainly acceptable). Students will learn how to navigate the BDB (Brown, Driver and Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament) and the Concordance to the Tanach (either Mandelkern or the preferred Even Shoshan)