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Tikun Leil Shavuot 2018

Saturday, May 19, 2018 - Sunday, May 20, 2018

11:30 pm - 5:00 am, UTC

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies
29 Pierre Koenig Street, Talpiot, Jerusalem , Israel

In memory of Fred Simon Worms OBE, a longtime benefactor of Pardes and a visionary in Jewish education.


Judy Klitsner
What’s in the Names of Cain’s Many Descendants: Does Genealogy Reflect Destiny?
What do names tell us about genetic mapping, environmental influences, and free will in the lives of Biblical characters?  We will explore these and other questions through an analysis of the evocative names of Cain’s descendants.

Dr. Elliott Malamet
Faith, Interrupted: Is There a Way Forward for Religious Belief?
The crisis of religious faith that is a core component of modern life has left Jews struggling to understand their identity and their future. How did Western society evolve from a default position of belief to grave doubts about the existence and role of God in the world? What are the strategies that Jews employ to maintain a connection with their religious tradition and yet preserve a sense of autonomy and critical thought? Can faith be revived in an age of skepticism and distraction?

Yiscah Smith
What is Behind the Success of the Celestial Marriage Between God and the Jewish People?
Over 3300 years, with its challenges for sure, and yet still going strong, characterized by love and respect, commitment, devotion and beauty. How is such a relationship possible? A teaching by the Netivot Shalom provides an answer to ponder and consider.


Gila Fine
Like a Moth to a Flame: A Drama of Rabbinic Desire
What makes rabbis so often fall into scandal? Can women prefer Torah to family life? And why does R. Meir allow a female congregant to spit in his face? A reading of PT Sotah 16:4, through Psikta Rabbati and Midrash Lekah Tov, Maimonides and Menachem de Lonzano, Ruth Calderon and Nathaniel Hawthorne, Spider-Man and Rabbi X.

Rabbi Dr. Michael Marmur
A Mysterious Tale About the Human Heart – Not for the Faint of Heart
A century ago, the great scholar Louis Ginzberg came across an obscure and difficult source which includes a profound reflection on a perennial question: are human beings inclined to be good or evil? Along the way, some insights to the nature of Torah are offered, and a radical suggestion is made – that Judaism is like peanut butter in important ways.

Rabbi Leon Morris
On Becoming a Human Torah: Embodiment, Fulfillment and Teaching
What does it mean to “embody” the Torah?  How can the human being steeped in knowledge or observance be a kind of living Torah?  From a first-century midrash about Joseph’s bones, to strange rituals surrounding the death of Torah scholars, we will explore the ways the Rabbis imagine and conceptualize the relationship between Torah, our bodies and our mortal selves.


Rabbi Dr. Daniel Roth
The Mysterious Tikun of the Hida (Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai)
Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai, known as the Hida, was one of the greatest Rabbis of the 18th century, and my personal favorite Rabbi of all times! Born in Jerusalem, he wrote over 150 books, traveled the world meeting with Jewish communal leaders, kings and Christian clergy. Most importantly he sought to make a tikkun in every community he visited, such as through making peace. He also had strong opinions about what to learn and what not to learn on the tikkun of shavuot night. In this session we will learn both about the Hida’s tikkun leil Shavuot and some of the most incredible and mysterious tikkunim he made in the various Jewish communities he visited.

Rabbi David Levin-Kruss
Marilyn Monroe and the Seventy Faces of Torah
Many people revel in our tradition that speaks with so many voices. But how can two or more things be true at the same time? And is there a limit to our creativity and interpretation? This class claims that we have to see the world through a variety of lenses and enlists Marilyn Monroe to help us do that.

Entrance is free and open to all.

French Program

Nuit de Shavuot 5578, Motsé Shabbat 19 mai 2018

22h45- 23h45:

Bitya Rozen-Goldberg
Et tout le peuple virent les voix : sur la tradition, la création et la multivocalité.

0h00 – 1:00:

Noémie Benchimol
Allégeance, serment et Alliance: symétrie et asymétrie au Sinaï.

1h15 – 2h15:

Gabriel Abensour
Aimer la Torah plus que Dieu?

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