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SOLD OUT: 10-Part Series with Rav Rahel Berkovits: “Bringing the Inside Out — The Story of Hanukah as Told by Tractate Shabbat”

Sunday, November 1, 2020 - Sunday, January 3, 2021

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm, EST

SOLD OUT: If you are interested in taking an online class like this in the future please be in touch with simon@pardes.org.il and we will get you updated information as it becomes relevant.

This is a 10-part series, that will be taught weekly on Introductory Talmud with Havruta time, taught by Rav Rahel Berkovits. The class is 2 hours.

Bringing the Inside Out — The Story of Hanukah as Told by Tractate Shabbat

Why do we light Hanukah candles and what do they symbolize? We all know the story of the miraculous flask of oil that burned for eight days, but is that the whole story? In this class we will examine and analyze the meta-themes and literary structure of the section in Tractate Shabbat in which the laws of Hanukah are taught.

This 10 week Talmud course, culminating at Hanukah time, will offer both skills in reading the Talmudic text in its original as well as adding a new layer to our understanding of this well-known and beloved Jewish holiday. This class is an introductory level Talmud class open to anyone who has a basic reading comprehension of Hebrew. Wordlists will be provided for the Aramaic.

All classes will be taught on Sundays:

10:00 am Pacific USA
1:00 pm Eastern Time USA
5:00 pm Greenwich Mean Time
8:00 pm Israel Time

Tuition: This class is $125 for all 10 sessions. All paying students will have access to recordings (audio and video) after each session.