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Jewish Identity through Modern Art

Thursday, May 20, 2021

9:30 am - 10:30 am, IDT

Jewish Identity through Modern Art
with Dr. Susan Nashman Fraiman

Course description: In this series, we will discuss five Jewish artists (two from the 19th century and three from the 20th) who have grappled with questions of Jewish identity in their art. The early artists, as less-than-full citizens of their countries of birth, questioned their place as Jews in light of the emerging nationalist fervor of that period, while the 20th-century artists also struggled with the Holocaust and its aftermath. All, though, dealt with issues raised by traditional Jewish life and modernization, assimilation, and persecution. The series will conclude with an engaging discussion with a contemporary artist about Jewish identity in art in the twenty-first century. What does it mean to be a Jewish artist today?

Artists discussed will be:

  1. Moritz Oppenheim
  2. Maurycy Gottlieb
  3. Arthur Szyk
  4. Marc Chagall
  5. R.B. Kitaj
  6. Artist in conversation

Payment details:

  • Single class: 40 NIS
  • Course (7 Classes): 200 NIS
  • Tours: 80 NIS per tour
  • Registration for 3 courses gives access to all classes (450 NIS)

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