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Professor Joel Hecker: How the Kabbalah Transformed our Shabbat Ritual

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

7:30 pm

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies
29 Pierre Koenig Street, Talpiot, Jerusalem , Israel

Dating back at least as far as the Mishnah, Jewish mysticism was treated as a set of esoteric doctrines and practices, reserved for an elite few. And yet, secrets being secrets, a tension developed between the need to conceal and the urge to reveal. Beginning with Nahmanides, and then continuing with the publication of the Zohar, and ultimately the spread of kabbalistic practices emerging from Tsefat, kabbalah became an increasingly central part of Jewish theology and ritual performance. In this talk, Professor Joel Hecker will talk about the new kabbalistic practices and kabbalistic meanings assigned to traditional practices, largely emerging from the kabbalah of the Zohar and Isaac Luria’s Tsefat. These will include Ana be-Ko’ahLekhah DodiKe-Gavna, singing of Eishet Hayyil, the Arizal’s version of Kiddush, 12 loaves on the Shabbat table, Brikh Shmeih (Shabbat morning), and more.


Online in Advance: 30 NIS
At the Door: 40 NIS
Students and Masa: 20 NIS
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