Upcoming Event

CE Tour with Text to the Israel Museum

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

9:15 am - 12:45 pm

The Israel Museum
Derech Ruppin 11, Jerusalem, 9171002 , Israel

So many of the themes we have encountered this year in the Pardes Community Education Program will come alive on our visit to the Israel Museum. We will start with the amazing model of Second Temple Jerusalem and use it to understand the growth of the city as well as current archaeological discoveries. At the Shrine of the Book we will explore sectarianism in depth and enter the world of those who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. The archaeology wing is full of treasures related to our period, from artifacts of the Hellenists and the Hasmoneans, to Herod’s grandeur, the beginnings of Christianity and the two major revolts against Rome. Finally, we will see the (just opened) mini-exhibit on Hadrian, the Roman Caesar during the Bar Kokhba Revolt.

Details: Meet at the entrance to the Israel Museum at 9:15, finish there at 12:45. We will have a short break to get coffee, etc.
Cost:  180 NIS including entrance to the museum
For more information: Email debra@pardes.org.il