Alumni Engagement

Pardes North America is there for all Pardes Alumni

When you leave Pardes, you join a network of 7,500+ Pardes alumni across the world. As innovators, educators, and leaders of organizations, Pardes alumni are building the Jewish future and affecting change in the Jewish community and beyond.

Whether you just returned from the beit midrash in Jerusalem or are a seasoned alum, Pardes North America (PNA) is there to provide alumni with a variety of ways to learn, connect and lead. PNA offers an array of fellowships, gatherings and online learning opportunities specifically designed to allow alumni to tap into the Pardes Torah they know and love and reconnect with their Pardes friends, teachers and our unique approach to Jewish learning.

In addition to offering new opportunities to engage in Pardes Torah, PNA is here to support alumni in the amazing work they do and is building a pipeline of alumni leaders in North America. Through a variety of opportunities for personal and professional development, such as our special alumni fellowship and microgrants, PNA empowers alumni to become leaders and ambassadors in their communities.

The Pardes Alumni Fellowship

The Pardes Alumni Fellowship gives alumni the opportunity to learn with Pardes faculty and gain practical community engagement skills and resources.

Alumni Learning Circles

Gather your friends and fellow alumni for a customized learning experience with your favorite faculty members. Each group is organized and led by an alum. 

Alumni Microgrants

Have a great idea for a Jewish learning program? PNA offers microgrants to assist alumni in organizing community engagement and learning programs within their community.

Alumni Connect: Your Pardes Concierge Service

Pardes North America is available to help alumni stay connected to their Pardes family and find new Torah learning opportunities. Alumni Connect is a service providing alumni with a one-on-one contact that will help them find the learning that fits their needs.

To connect today, contact Jordyn Steifman at