8 Nights of Reflection with Pardes North America

In a world plagued by darkness, it was one small jar of oil that made an immediate and lasting imprint on how we commemorate this moment in our Jewish history. This year, Pardes North America (PNA) is embracing this theme by infusing every night of Hanukah with a small, jar-sized Torah in a Hanukah companion to add an additional layer of intention (kavanah) to this nightly ritual.

For each night, this companion created by Rabba Shani Gross and Rabbi Mike Uram presents one Hanukah-related text, some interpretation and reflection to add depth, meaning and relevance to the holiday. Because Hanukah is not just about the past, but a reminder that one small act can bring the light and change that is needed today.

Download the PNA Hanukah Companion

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The eight nights of Hanukah:
Sunday, November 28 – Monday, December 6

For more information:
Have questions? Please contact Pardes North America’s program associate Darielle Shandler at darielle@pardes.org.

Pardes North America Faculty:

Rabbi Mike Uram
Rabba Shani Gross