Director of Israel Programming (Part-Time, Israel)


Director of Israel Programming

The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies ( seeks a dynamic, nuanced, incisive and enthusiastic individual to provide vision and implementation on all levels of Israel education.

A beit midrash in Jerusalem, Pardes is open to diaspora Jews from the entire range of religious and political identities, orientations and knowledge levels. As such, our primary mission is making Torah learning accessible and inclusive. Israel education is therefore focused first and foremost on the historic connection of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and the special potential for immersive Jewish life made possible in this state. Balance, nuance, complexity and multi-narrative thinking are linchpins of all Pardes’s educational programming. Pardes identifies as a Zionist institution.

A successful candidate will be responsible for both the specifics and the overall of Israel educational programming, primarily focused on events and overnight trips outside the beit midrash, but also including speakers, panels, and teaching/facilitating sessions that happen at Pardes itself. Responsibilities might vary but could include:

  • Envisioning a program of ‘tiyulim’ and Israel education whose arc is on a 2-year cycle.
  • Drawing up and taking responsibility for Israel programming yearly budget.
  • Management of and responsibility for 6 overnight trips a year (2 shabbatonim, 2 2-day seminars, 2 3-day nature focused tiyulim) from the following aspects: i) educational ii) logistical iii) recruitment iv) guiding v) budgetary
  • Initiating and implementing programming around the National holidays—Yom HaZikharon and Atzmaut.
  • Responding to and initiating programming around Israel according to developments in the modern State of Israel.
  • Possibly teaching a course entitled ‘Contemporary Israeli Society’ or the like.
  • Availability to meet with and advise students who wish to undertake their own explorations of Israel
  • Being a part of the Pardes faculty and working together as a team on Israel programming, and other aspects of Pardes educational and community life.
  • Strong preference for a licensed tour guide.

This is a part-time position. There is a strong preference for a licensed tour guide. For the right candidate, Pardes would consider adjusting the job description or segmenting the job.

Please send CVs and cover letters to Rabbi Dr. Meesh Hammer-Kossoy, Director of the Year Program: Please write “Director of Israel Programming” in the subject line of the email.