Can’t we all just get along? Pursuing unity beyond tragedy

Published in The Times of Israel on November 22, 2019.

Written by Rabbi Ari Segal (Head of School at Shalhevet High School, in California).

“…I learned about achdut demonstrated at the Pardes Institute’s Lo BaShamayim Hee conference. Rabbi David Stein, my colleague who attended and spoke at the event, made specific mention of how impressed he was by the commitment to, and the active work of achdut undertaken during the conference.

The event was attended by teachers from Orthodox, Conservative, and Community schools, all learning and thinking together about engaging students in the study of Gemara. Representatives from schools across the wide spectrum of Jewish thought united for the purpose of nurturing Jewish learning in the next generation. Importantly, the unity that was nurtured did not rely on one uniform approach, but rather a collective commitment to this vital and beautiful idea of communicating Torah and tradition to young Jewish minds.”

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