Carole Daman’s remarks on her husband
Dr. Harlan Daman, Tsvi Hirsh ben Dovid Aryeh z”l

Sunday, Oct 27th – Day of Learning sponsored by Carole Daman in memory of her husband Dr. Harlan Daman, Tsvi Hirsh ben Dovid Aryeh z”l

The yahrzeit on the 28th of Tishrei is of my late husband Dr. Harlan Daman, Tsvi Hirsh ben Dovid Aryeh. My late husband Harlan Daman, Tzvi Hirsch ben Dovid Aryeh, was a wonderful husband and father to Gila who had attended Pardes with me for a few days at a time during two winter breaks during graduate school and our younger son Avi. He was also an amazing doctor who was truly loved by his patients, not only because of his excellent clinical skills but because he valued each of them as a full person. After his funeral, a number of them told me they had no idea that Harlan had had such a special relationship with patients other than themselves. He was an allergist so he saw many of his patients regularly and knew much more about them and kept better records than their primary care physicians so they would come to him about events not related to allergies that their regular doctors had no recollection of. In general, Harlan consciously tried to draw out people’s strengths and compensate himself for their weaknesses. He was also well-loved at our synagogue, Young Israel of Scarsdale. Besides Shabbos, he went to morning minyan regularly every Monday and Friday. He blew the Shofar for many years at one of the main services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and was Chatan Bereshit a few years before he died. He was a graduate of Westchester Day School, Horace Mann High School, Harvard College and Albert Einstein Medical School. He was a strong role model for both our kids, and my son Avi does a siyum on a tractate of Gemarra on his Yahrzeit every year.

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