Aviva Golbert Named as Acting Director of PCJE

Aviva Golbert, the current assistant director of the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators (PCJE), will take up an initial one-year appointment as acting director of PCJE when Judy Markose leaves in August.

Aviva has been an invaluable part of the PCJE team over the last eight years. She is a Jewish educator with 20 years of experience in curriculum development, classroom teaching, school administration and educational consulting.

At PCJE, Aviva has worn many hats. She served as pedagogic coach, director of recruitment, director of the Summer Curriculum Workshop, coordinator of the Novice Teacher Retreat and assistant director of the center. She has also taught a variety of classes, including Skills and Strategies for Effective Teaching, Nevi’im Rishonim at Night Seder and Tanakh at the Summer Program.

Her work at Pardes has also given her the opportunity to use her expertise to strengthen Jewish educational institutions and Jewish Studies teachers in North America. Aviva has worked intensively with both day school and experiential education students, and with program alumni; taught and facilitated professional development workshops in day schools; consulted for day school Jewish studies departments; and taught teaching Tanakh and teaching Midrash sessions at PCJE’s inaugural content conference in November 2016.

A native of Silver Spring, Maryland, Aviva worked towards her professional goal of becoming a Jewish Studies educator at Stern College (where she was a Golding Distinguished Scholar), and is currently pursuing an advanced degree in Midrash at the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies.

Pardes is excited about this appointment and the direction of PCJE under Aviva’s guidance.