Bitersweet Goodbye to Dr. Judy Markose

As we close up the year at Pardes, we say a bittersweet good-bye to Dr. Judy Markose who is ending a decade of leadership of PEP and PCJE. Judy is heading off to a new career direction in coaching and trauma therapy and while we will miss Judy, we are excited for her and wish her great success and fulfillment.

Here is an excerpt from Dean David Bernstein’s tribute to Judy at the PEP graduation earlier this month.

“For the last decade, the Pardes Educators Program, and the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators, has been led by a singular professional educator: Dr. Judy Markose. Judy has given selflessly to her students, and grown herself as a result. Like a good parent, she takes great pride in the wonderful accomplishments of our alumni. We have faced many decisions together: about individual students, about policies, about funders and partner institutions. Throughout this past decade, her strong commitment to excellence has been a constant. This has been coupled with a very real concern for individual people — be they teachers, students, or colleagues.

She has guided the transition from PEP to PCJE, no small feat in and of itself. But she has also led many other transitions, smaller and larger, with an eye towards constant improvement. Her thoughtfulness, and her commitment to team-building and process have created a very strong PCJE staff, one that knows how to work together. We will miss her here at Pardes, as she moves on to the next stage of her career, one in which she will no doubt succeed.”