Rabbi Daniel Landes to leave Pardes

July 21, 2016

After 21 years of dedicated service to Pardes, Rabbi Daniel Landes will be leaving at the end of the summer.

Rabbi Landes has played a seminal role in the growth and development of our organization and in the lives of our alumni. He has inspired and led our institution, and helped to establish a world-class and respected faculty and administration. In his home, he, Sheryl and their family have offered abundant love and inspiration for hundreds, if not thousands, of Pardes students and supporters. Going forward, we will build upon Rabbi Landes’s legacy for the benefit of our students, faculty, alumni and other supporters, in the pursuit of open Torah learning and dynamic Jewish life.

Rabbi Landes came to Pardes as Director in 1995. He was personally behind the creation of many Pardes initiatives, including advanced Talmud classes, the Fellows Leadership Program, the Pardes Educators Program, the Pardes Executive Learning Seminars, the growth of Pardes North America and the overall strengthening of the Pardes Open Beit Midrash. In 2013, with the formation of the position of President of Pardes, Rabbi Landes stepped down from his management responsibilities to focus on other areas including, teaching, writing and directing the Pardes Kollel, which was also his inspiration.

Pardes is as vibrant as ever and remains at the forefront of open, non-denominational Jewish learning. Our educational, programmatic and administrative needs continue to be led by Dean and Interim President Dr. David I. Bernstein and senior staff, together with our outstanding faculty and professional staff.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to learning together with you in Israel or at one of our programs across the world.

Brian Glenville, Chair, Israel Board
Deborah Shapira, Chair, North America Board