Four New Series on Elmad for 2016

Pardes has launched four new podcast series on Elmad, our online learning library :

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Global Torah is a five-part podcast series exploring the intersections of Jewish history, values and tradition with the practice and pursuit of global citizenship, social justice and international development.

This Pardes Life, is venerable Pardes teacher and life-coach David Levin-Kruss, getting personal with his fellow teachers – talking about life, texts and of course, Pardes. Meir Schweiger is first up talking about happiness.

In The Maggid of Melbourne Speaks, Levi Cooper – teacher of Hasidut, community rabbi, lawyer, IDF reservist, father to six and native Australian – shares short Torah ideas on topics of current interest from his Pardes classroom, his research and from his shul in Zur Hadassa.

Pardes Live brings together all the best Pardes classes and lectures, recorded live, taught by our faculty and guest speakers.

Elmad makes it even easier for you to learn with Pardes anytime, anywhere. We have nearly a thousand podcasts, live recordings and articles and are currently reaching 2,000 unique users every month.

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