Pardes in Silicon Valley

Pardes partnered again this year with the Silicon Valley Beit Midrash, for their summer learning programs. Forty students attended the two one-week programs held in mid-June structured around the theme of interpersonal ethics.  Founded by local educators, donors and Pardes alumi, the SVBM aims to combine the seriousness of the beit midrash with the start up culture of the Bay Area. In partnership with Pardes, the SVBM program was able to bring the unique spirit and skills of the Pardes beit midrash to the west coast.

Teachers were Rabbi David Booth (founder of SVBM), Professor Charlotte Fonrobert (Stanford University), Ziva Hassenfeld (Pardes alum), Jonah Hassenfeld, Sam Lebens (Pardes teacher), Shani Gross (SVBM director and Pardes alum), and Pardes faculty member, David Levin-Kruss.