Religion and Conflict Resolution Certificate Program with Bar-Ilan University

Program Description

A cooperative project of The Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution & The Conflict Resolution, Management and Negotiation Graduate Program of Bar-Ilan University

This unique program offers students the study of Jewish texts and academic theories necessary for engaging with identity-based conflict, together with a practical internship in the field of conflict resolution. It combines two separate conflict resolution programs, one with the Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution, and one with Bar-Ilan University’s Identity-Based Conflict Resolution Program.

The program includes:

  • Study at Pardes for the Spring Semester, including the Judaism and Conflict Resolution Track (Jan 14 – May 30)
  • In parallel, an internship at an Israeli conflict resolution NGO (Jan 14 – June 23, 2 MA credits from Bar-Ilan University)
  • Participate in Bar-Ilan University’s International Summer Program: Identity-Based Conflict Resolution (June 30 – July 28, 8 MA credits)

All instruction will be in English.

The program is a cooperative project of conflict resolution programs at Pardes and Bar-Ilan University.

The Pardes Year/Semester Program offers you the opportunity to delve deeply into a broad range of Jewish ideas, texts and personal questions – empowering you to make Judaism your own. Within that framework, Pardes’s Judaism and Conflict Resolution Track challenges and inspire participants into being knowledgeable and active rodfei shalom (Jewish pursuers of peace) between individuals, families, communities and nations. This is done through the study of classic Jewish rabbinic texts, conflict resolution theories, newspapers articles, group discussions, guest speakers and field trips.

The Bar-Ilan Summer Program:Identity-Based Conflict Resolution is a four-week interdisciplinary program, taught in English. It offers five graduate level courses which focus on identity-based conflicts in the region and beyond, and how to creatively address them. Courses can also be taken individually. Students from all disciplines in the social sciences and the humanities (including conflict resolution practitioners) gain – via on-site experiential learning – theoretical insights and practical training that have a wide range of applications at home, work and in the world. Studies take place at the main Bar-Ilan University campus in Ramat-Gan, 15 minutes from Tel Aviv.

The internship is operated by the above Bar- Ilan University Summer Program. It is a unique opportunity for students to experientially practice and analyze conflict resolution and engagement in Israel. This firsthand experience, with its integration with the theoretical discussions of the other courses of the Pardes and BIU Program, will provide the students with a holistic understanding of conflicts and their resolution. *This part of the program is pending sufficient enrollment.

Students must apply separately to both BIU’s summer program which can be done here and to Pardes which can be done here. Be sure to mark under the Specialty Track section of the Pardes application: “Religion and Conflict Resolution Certificate Program in cooperation with Bar-Ilan University.”

Students must meet the eligibility requirements of both the Pardes semester program and BIU’s Summer Program.

In short, The Pardes program is open to Jews of all backgrounds and ages (post-college and up) who want to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of Jewish tradition and texts.

The Bar-Ilan program is open to Israeli and non-Israeli citizens that hold or are entitled to an undergraduate/BA or graduate/Masters degree, or currently enrolled in an undergraduate program (close to completion of their degree by the beginning of the Summer Program) or in a graduate program.

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  • January 14 – May 30: Pardes Semester Program, including the Judaism and Conflict Resolution Track (Mon/Wed 2:30-5:00)
  • January 14 – June 23: intern at a conflict resolution NGO in Israel, generally Thursday afternoons and some Wednesday evenings at Pardes. Receive 2 MA credits from Bar-Ilan University
  • February 1, 2016: Bar-Ilan Early Registration (10% scholarship)
  • June 30 – July 28: Bar-Ilan Summer Program: Identity-Based Conflict Resolution

Financial aid is available for both the Pardes and Bar-Ilan parts of the program. To be considered, apply here for the Pardes financial aid, and here for the Bar-Ilan scholarship.

For the Pardes financial aid, preference will be given to new full, part-time, or hourly students.

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Housing is not provided. Click here for assistance near Pardes. The information for finding housing assistance near Bar Ilan will be available soon.

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